Our Company

Ming Ming Aluminium Co., Ltd. specializes in aluminium gravity casting and for over 40 years has provided aluminium alloy solutions to various industries, including machinery, automotive, motorcycle and e-bike, medical devices, and food machinery, around the world.
Ming Ming Aluminium Co., Ltd. has been the top supplier for high-grade aluminium gravity cast components due to our advantages:

  • Advanced techniques in raw material management.
  • Competence in customized design and production.
  • Capability of producing premium quality components.
  • Competitive price in the market.
Aluminium Gravity Casting Specialist from Taiwan: Ming Ming Aluminium (2019 Introduction)

Ming Ming Aluminium Co., Ltd. is an aluminium gravity casting company based in Taichung, Taiwan and has foundries in three locations.

Ming Ming gravity casts aluminium components, which are applied in various industries. We provide customers with premium quality aluminium parts at a reasonable price. We strive to continuously innovate our gravity die casting techniques and improve product precision so that we can bring top-quality aluminium casts to our customers and keep ahead of competition.

Our advanced gravity casting technology and well-trained employees ensure that we manufacture aluminium casting components meeting the customer’s requirement.

Ming Ming’s aluminium casting process includes a stringent quality control procedure, which enable us to produce high-quality parts that win casting awards and our customer’s trust. Ming Ming values long-term customer relationship and seeks to meet the customer's requirements for high-quality aluminium casts.

For more information, please also visit our website: www.mingming.com.tw