Gravity Die Casting Applications

Ming Ming Aluminium Co., Ltd. adopts an automatic tilting gravity casting procedure, which ensures the production of high-grade aluminium cast components. We have provided aluminium alloy solutions to various industries, including machinery, automotive, motorcycle and e-bike, medical devices, and food machinery, around the world.

e-bike aluminium gravity casting parts

Lightweight e-bikes parts, which can be forged with other components by welding and make the production of e-bikes efficient and cost-effective.

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Impact-resistant, airtight, and stylish casting motorcycle parts meet the strict requirement and highly demanding standards for the global motorcycle market.

automotive parts, alu auto parts, automotive aluminum die casting, automotive castings manufacturers

Customised automotive parts, which are heat and corrosion resistant and have excellent damping capacity. Our high-precision casting automotive parts are trusted by the Japanese manufacturers.

robot arms, robotic arms base, robotic arms joints
Robotic Arms

Ming Ming’s parts for robotic arms have a smooth surface and would not damage the wires in repetitive motions.

custom aluminum casting
Other Applications

Ming Ming also provides customised high-precision cast parts for medical devices, food machinery, and tools for the construction industry.

pneumatic tool casting parts, hydraulic tool casting parts
Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Machinery parts are airtight, hydraulic leak-tight, and vacuum-tight. The lightweight, highly tensile, and fast heat-dissipating features also make them ideal for pneumatic and hydraulic tools.