Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Vacuum Casting

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Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Vacuum Casting

Our casting can also provide air tightness, hydraulic tightness and vacuum tightness, such as 3000 psi (211kg/cm²) hydraulic tool, or professional nailer with 210 kg/cm² air pressure, or 10 -7 mbar liter/sec. vacuum pump...etc.

The Pneumatic Casting and Hydraulic Casting Product, such as
1. High Pressure Pump Body
2. CNC Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder
3. Hand Nailer Body
4. Pressure Adjustment Valve
5. Complete CNC Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder
6. Cylinder.

If you are interested in our Pneumatic Casting, Hydraulic Casting and Vacuum Casting, please contact us online.